Road development Ostaargau OASE

Results from previous planning activites have shown that for the time scale 2040 in the area of Brugg as well as in the Baden region an addition embedded in the overall concept of the cantonal road network is advisable. The alternative road insfrastructure variants "Nordumfahrung Windisch tief mit Spange Aufeld, 150 Millionen Franken" and the "Südostumfahrung Windisch mit neuer Aarequerung, 350 Millionen Franken" are available for the area of Brugg. As the technical specialist planner, SWISSTRAFFIC carried out the feasibility studie for the in-depth study "Kantonsstrassenetz Los 1 Brugg.dde".


  • Analysis of nodes geometries

  • Capacity calculations

  • Provide support with the variant decision

  • Provide support with the objective targets

  • Provide support for the overall management re traffic questions


Centre variant

Reference situation 2040


Canton of Aargau


2016 - 2018

Your contact persons

Phone +41 44 200 90 20

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