Traffic redevelopment Aarwangen-Langenthal North


All traffic between the motorway junction Niederbipp and the area of Langenthal leads today directly through the town of Aarwangen. The narrow roads are being used by pedestrians, bicycles, cars, lorries and the Langenthal-Solothurn railway alike. The traffic in Aarwangen has reached a level that severely restricts and strains both the residents and the road users. Forecasts predict a further increase in traffic until 2030, which will aggravate the problematic traffic situation additionally.

A two-lane, 3.6km long bypass road will be constructed for the heavy and transit traffic. This road crosses the river Aare in a 470 meter long bridge and passes underneath a forest in a 500 meter long tunnel.

In Aarwangen, north of the town center, bicycle measures are planned on both sides. In the center, the railway systems are to be directed in a double track on the road and a cycle lane will be marked. South of the center, the separately running railways will be renewed and secured.


  • sub-phase 32 (construction project) and sub-phase 33 (approval procedure / edition project)

  • evaluation of traffic measures nececessity re transit of Thunstetten

  • management and processing of existing traffic data including interface management compared to the overall traffic model of the Canton of Bern (GVM BE) 2016

  • collection of supplementary traffic data

  • traffic modeling / traffic flow calculations

  • traffic project support


Civil Engineering Office of Bern

Chief Engineer District IV


2018 - 2019

Your contact persons

Silvan Sturzenegger

Phone +41 44 200 90 20

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