Traffic management Vispertal tunnel A9

The national roads agency of the Canton of Valais contracted SWISSTRAFFIC to carry out the traffic management with regards to the 18-month closure of the Vispertal tunnel. This includes planning and implementing the traffic measures, parts of the communication, incl. a homepage, and measuring the lost travel times in the area around Visp in real-time using BlueScan.

Overview of the traffic action measures:

» Info Spezial Juni 2015 ->

» Info Spezial September 2015 ->


  • Builder support services for all traffic-related questions, incl. communication

  • Transport demand modelling of various alternatives

  • Effectiveness study of the alternatives

  • Establishing 2020 demand forecasts

  • Measuring travel times in real-time with BlueScan

  • Transport regime throughout the entire construction phase

  • Signalisation concept (signposting) for a smooth traffic flow during the peak days

  • Call for tenders for the transportation measures, and support during the construction phase

  • Dimensioning of a new signalised intersection

  • Signalised intersection equipped with SENSYS sensors for automatic vehicle detection

  • Tenders and resource planning for traffic assistants


National Roads Agency, Canton of Valais


2012 - 2017

Your contact persons

Phone +41 44 200 90 20

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