Master Plan for Cyclists

Survey of the parking facilities for cyclists in the agglomeration. Concept for a sustainable transportation system for the cyclists taking under consideration of the following:

- Optimisation of the entire transportation system

- Economic viability

- Social sustainability

- Health

- Energy and the environment

- Recreation and tourism

The SWISSTRAFFIC tasks included:

- Survey of the existing parking facilities for cyclists (parking cadastre)

- Determination of the occupancy rates, capacity along with forecasts

- Recommendations for a modern parking facility

- Concept for a continuous cycling network within the agglomeration

- Enhancement of the safety and comfort along the cycling routes

-Comprehensive signalisation throughout the entire network

- Priority list of the action measures, including costs

Survey of the status quo

Priority list of the action measures, cyclists


Agglomeration Brig-Visp-Naters



Your contact persons

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