Permanent bicycle and pedestrian counters

Bicycle and pedestrian counter SwitzerlandMobil in Arbon and Mannebach (TG)

SWISSTRAFFIC installs and operates various permanent pedestrian and bicycle counters throughout Switzerland.

Mountainbike, hiker & cross-country skier counting station in Pontresina (GR)

Solar-powered permanent counter for mountain bikes & hikers (summer) and for cross-country skiers (winter) with swiss Laser.

Bicycle counter SwitzerlandMobility in Reckingen VS

Bicycle counter only. Metrocount with piezo strips. Solar powered.

Bicycle and pedestrian counter SwitzerlandMobility in Bottighofen TG

Permanent bicycle and pedestrian counter. swiss laser with power connection, without road contact. (here with additional camera for quality test during 1 week)

Bicycle & pedestrian counters in Buchs AG

Permanent bicycle and pedestrian counters for 6 months. swiss laser with solar panel, without road contact.

Bicycle counters in the city of Biel

Bicycle counting only in mixed traffic. MetroCount with piezo strips. Partly electricity, partly solar powered.

Bicycle counters SwitzerlandMobility in Uvrier VS

Bicycle counting only. MetroCount with piezo strips. Solar powered.

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