Counting Bicycles

SWISSTRAFFIC offers fully-automated counting systems for bicycles with unique technologies. In real-time, you can witness the variation in frequencies at various locations.

Various survey offers for bicycle traffic

Mobility Analytics

The SWISSTRAFFIC engineers have developed their own mobility-intelligence-analytics processes, which allow an abundance of data – big data – to be evaluated in real time. While doing so, our engineers make use of publically available information sources – Open Data – on the one hand, and primary surveyed data on the other hand. Of late, SWISSTRAFFIC, moreover, provides predictions for the next 5’, 15’, 30’, 60’ and 24h, as, for example, for parking occupancy rates.

Green wave for cyclists

In conjunction with Sensys, SWISSTRAFFIC offers an ingenious solution for the traffic-signal control for cyclists in order to not only count cyclists, but also detect cyclists in time on their approach to the traffic signal. Depending on the number of detected cyclists, the traffic signal can be automatically set to GREEN via radio communication, so that preferably no waiting time arises for the cyclists.

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