Pedestrian movement at main station Zurich

To respond to the motion “Improvement of the accessibility at the Zurich suburban train stations” data relating to the traffic volumes between the Zurich main station and adjacent Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) stops was required. The identification of the main travel routes from and to the Zurich main station, as well as statements relating to the frequencies and their fluctuations during the day, week and year were paramount. Due to the large number of entrances and exits at the Zurich main station, the traditional counting methodologies (such as pedestrian counting devices) were not suited for the task. Therefore, an innovative tracking-based counting methodology, which is based on the detection of communication devices such as mobile phones and Bluetooth car kits, was applied.


  • Count of the pedestrian movements: boarding and alighting passengers on tram/bus, cyclists, private motorised vehicles, pedestrians

  • Statements relating to the origin and destination traffic (origin or destination of a trip is the Zurich main station), the share of transit traffic (trips through the Zurich main station), as well as internal station traffic

  • Exit and destination points of trips along specific measuring devices

  • Estimate of the modal-split proportions per road user category from the count samples

  • Key entry and exit routes

  • Statements relating to the most frequent selected travel routes between the installed devices

  • Distribution of the traffic volumes for the different days of the week and times of the day (traffic distribution curves over a weekly and daily time period)

  • Influence of special events on the pedestrian flow rates

  • Dwell times per sector


City of Zürich

Swiss Federal Railways



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