Traffic countings as part of construction projects 2018-2022

Traffic countings on cantonal roads at selected locations for project data collections / conversions (construction projects). This is a framework contract for the years 2018 to 2022.


Statistical data on traffic load are essential for the canton of Zurich for road projects such as road reconstructions. Based on this data, the canton of Zurich is planning appropriate detour routes or temporary closures. Therefore, in the context of the construction projects, the road users at selected locations are to be counted for a previously determined duration (i.e., a peak hour, a day, a week, etc.). Road users are divided into the following categories:

  • Pedestrians

  • Cyclists

  • Motorbikes (Swiss 10 - category 2)

  • Passenger cars (SWISS 10 - categories 3+4)

  • Trucks (SWISS 10 - categories 8-10)

  • Delivery vans (SWISS 10 - categories 5-7)


  • Reconnaissance of locations, defining measurement concept

  • Installation of Swiss cameras and Swiss radars

  • Data processing and data distribution

  • Collected data monitoring and determination of plausibility

  • Data analysis according to the evaluation table


Canton Zurich, Building Department

Civil Engineering Office, Planning & Implementation



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Phone +41 44 200 90 20

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