Noise exposure cadastre Canton of St. Gallen - traffic survey

SWISSTRAFFIC is the project leader within the engineering consortium DEZIBEL together with the company Preisig AG. The consortium carries out the lots 3 & 4.

The basis for calculating noise pollution is traffic data, which in the present case is to be determined by means of traffic surveys and using different methods for all relevant road sections within the canton.

The individual work phases are: network analysis - survey program - implementation and evaluation survey - data extrapolation - data implementation - follow-up program surveys.

On the other hand, the quantity framework includes all higher-level services required for successful project execution - in particular:

  • Individual management of the work for each lot or the respective lots and management of third parties involved technical and administrative assurance of data exchange

  • Realisation of basic planning elements

  • Acquisition and exchange of data from / with third parties involved in the project

  • Interface management within the individual lots

  • Client support for the coordination of the individual lots

  • Client support for the implementation of the project-related quality management

  • Documentation of own work in the form specified by the client

  • General client counselling

  • Provision of decision-making documents for the client

  • Participation in meetings with the client and other contracting third parties; keep records of meetings


  • Project leader

  • Network analysis - Survey program - Data extrapolation - Data implementation

  • Delivery of counting devices: radar, cameras etc.

  • Installation and execution of the counts on site together with Preisig AG

  • Radar surveys with and without acoustic detection

  • Manual counts

  • Video surveys

  • Floating-car surveys


Canton of St. Gallen

Civil engineering office, Mobility & Planning


2018 - 2019

Your contact persons

Phone +41 44 200 90 20

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