ANPR 4.0 in the canton of Lucerne

Automatic number plate recognition in the Beinwil-Hochdorf-Buchrain-Emmenbrücke area in 41 cross sections with a total of 82 ANPR cameras for the recognition of license plates during two consecutive working days. Implemented with 12 swiss radars and 29 swiss cameras for transport hubs detection including pedestrians.

Serves as a basis for updating the cantonal transport model.

[ANPR: Automatic Number-Plate Recognition]

  • Determination of destination, source and transit traffic

  • License plate recognition during two consecutive working days

  • Origin/destination matrix for automobiles and trucks separately

  • Origin/destination matrix for the morning and evening peak hour as well as the average daily traffic

  • Route tracing

  • Update of cantonal traffic model with VISUM for the average daily traffic, as well as morning and evening peaks


  • Installation of our own ANPR cameras for license plate recognition

  • Compliance with data protection legislation

  • Data evaluation

  • Graphical representation of the results

  • o-d matrix for cars and trucks separately

  • Update of cantonal traffic model with VISUM for graphical outputs of different results


Canton of Lucerne, vif



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