Number plate recognition 4.0 ASFiNAG in Austria

ANPR 4.0 Tyrol

ANPR 4.0 Tyrol

Automatic license plate recognition in the Arlberg tunnel - Innsbruck area for the planning of the new Tschirganttunnel along the Fernpass along 17 cross-sections with a total of 25 ANPR cameras on motorways and country roads.

Mobile number plate recognition in the area of ​​Bregenz to Koblach in 20 cross sections with a total of 50 ANPR cameras during two consecutive working days on the motorways A14 (Austria) and A13 (Switzerland), at the border crossings A-CH and on various country roads.

Serves as a basis for updating the regional transport model.

[ANPR: Automatic Number-Plate Recognition]

  • Determination of destination, source and transit traffic

  • License plate recognition during two consecutive working days

  • Origin/destination matrix for automobiles and trucks separately

  • Origin/destination matrix for the morning and evening peak hour as well as the average daily traffic

  • Route tracing


  • Installation of our own ANPR cameras for license plate recognition

  • Compliance with data protection legislation

  • Data evaluation

  • Graphical representation of the results

  • o-d matrix for cars and trucks separately


ASFINAG Vienne, Austria



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