Counting Motor Vehicles 4.0

Variety of survey offers for the motorized individual transport

Innovative technologies

SWISSTRAFFIC implements various technologies to capture multi-modal traffic flows of pedestrians, cyclists, motor vehicles and public transport passengers: radar, HD, thermal and ANPR-cameras, Sensys (motorised traffic and cyclists, traffic signals) and BlueScan (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data collection).

With BlueScan, SWISSTRAFFIC employs an effective and cost-efficient measuring tool for the analysis of traffic behaviour of all road users.

BlueScan measures travel and lost times, recognises traffic jams and locates stationary vehicles. In addition, BlueScan grants a real-time overview of the traffic conditions whereby one is able to intervene quickly and concisely when required.

We count accurately, fast and cost-effectively

Automatic traffic volume count

  • roundabouts, intersections

  • cross sections

  • up to 12 movements simultaneously

  • turning movements

  • to/from matrix (roundabouts and complex intersections)

  • origin/destination in roundabouts

  • up to 12 types of traffic simultaneously!

  • speeds

  • travel times

  • parking duration

  • licence plates, bicycle counts

  • bypasser/pedestrian counts

Current projects

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