BlueScan Canton of Valais

Since 2014, all traffic flows and travel times within the canton are being captured using BlueScan (over 50 counting sites). The data flows directly into the cantonal traffic demand model, which was developed by SWISSTRAFFIC. A dashboard discloses the various inter- and intrazonal traffic movements, incl. commuters, tourists, etc.

Individual dashboards

This dashboard shows the significance of transit, commuter and tourist traffic for the canton and the 3 regions in connection with the neighbouring cantons and countries.

Annual generation of a traffic load map (AADT) by means of verifications and projections of the automatic and periodical traffic counts conducted within the canton. (Canton Valais)


  • 53 counting stations

  • Determination of to/from matrices

  • Development of the traffic demand model VISUM

  • Calibration of the traffic demand model

  • Operation of the traffic demand model VISUM


Canton of Valais


since 2014

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