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The registration of the number of vehicles in the public parking lots in the city of Aarau is done today either with induction loops, laser measuring sensors or with barrier systems. The city intends to replace these counting systems with intelligent sensors. SWISSTRAFFIC was commissioned to develop a smart parking solution for the city of Aarau.

SWISSTRAFFIC has been working intensively for more than 8 years worldwide with innovative parking solutions, particularly with regard to Smart Parking 4.0. The same questions are always paramount:

Capturing the parking space allocation in real time and with sufficient accuracy

Nowadays, we are clearly of the opinion that if you invest in sensors they have to be 100% accurate.

Dynamic Pricing

Many of the cities that we advise want dynamic pricing but are not sufficiently aware of the implementation requirements with regards to their parking infrastructure. So far, this has been implemented only in San Francisco. We are convinced of dynamic pricing!

Parking Reservation

This is the new trend. We also have given some considerable thought to this already. However, this is only possible under certain conditions. We see great innovation potential for a city that wants to position itself in the smart parking sector.

Fine Management

Today, this is a standard application in smart parking and therefore quite «easy» to implement. However, it greatly depends on the participation of the police.

Resident Parking Cards

Smart Parking claims to be able to handle all related processes. From payment, to the automatic issuing of fines, to the semi-automatic issuing of resident parking cards or parking cards with a limited permit period.

Dynamic Parking Guidance Systems DPGS

The classic DPGS is known to everyone. SWISSTRAFFIC advises cities to equip even small parking lots along side roads at intersection level with simple, radio-controlled LED panels showing the available number of parking spaces in order to reduce the search traffic.

Possible Integration of Further Services

Ideally, the smart parking solution should not only be available for MIT. The system should also be operated at charging stations, used for reservation and payment of rental cars and rental bikes as well as for cashless payment in parking garages etc.

Smart Parking Management Platform

This is ultimately the core piece of smart parking. And this is where most cities go wrong because they content themselves with a "simple" software offer from the app provider. However, the requirements for such a platform are far greater and should be able to integrate all the aforementioned applications. Ideally, it should also act as a planning tool where you can simulate the effects of dynamic pricing initially in a model.


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