Large-scale traffic monitoring A9 Visp

Large-scale traffic monitoring with BlueScan to determine the congestion times and shares of origin, destination and transit traffic as the basis for the development of the traffic management plans. Builder support services for the determination of action measures during the construction phase of the motorway in Upper Valais; traffic management measures during the 18-month closure of the Vispertal tunnel.

Information travel loss times in real-time ->


  • 24 BlueScan counting sites

  • Computation methods for determining the lost travel times in real-time

  • Online application for the visualisation of the data

  • Several alternatives for dynamic and static signalisation

  • Utilisation of the existing metering system from Visp to direct the transit traffic onto the bypass

  • Definition of maximum traffic loads on peak days beyond which the deployment of traffic officers is required


National Roads Agency Canton of Valais


2015 - 2017

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