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BlueScan enables the measurement of multimodal mobility and therefore the shift in modal split in a town or city. The SWISSTRAFFIC engineers have developed their own mobility-intelligence-analytics processes, which allow an abundance of data – big data – to be evaluated in real-time. While doing so, our engineers make use of publically available information sources – Open Data – on the one hand, and primary surveyed data on the other hand.

Predictive Analytics

The data scientists of SWISSTRAFFIC offer analytics tools that are able to provide accurate forecasts as a result of collected real-time (level of congestion, travel times, parking-bay occupancies, weather, open data, etc.) and historical data.

Our Services

Data are the new oil of mobility

With BlueScan, the SWISSTRAFFIC traffic and mobility engineers offer an efficient and cost-effective instrument to municipalities, cities and cantons to acquire fully-anonymised real-time data of the travel behaviour of all road users, be it pedestrians, cyclists, private motorists or public transportation users. Change shapes our lives, mobility and transport policy. We measure these changes!

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