Signalisation cadastre

It is very important to know the exact location of every road signal and marking. The signalisation cadastre is a professional working tool for the operation and maintenance, planning and design of signalisation and road marking in towns, cities, municipalities, agglomerations and cantons. SWISSTRAFFIC accompanies you from the concept, survey and data collection to the ready-to-use cadastre, and will take on periodic updating if required. Professional support for every phase of your project!

Our services

  • Signalisation and road marking for all road users

  • Survey of all existing signalisation and road marking

  • Parking cadastre including fee and zone structure, as well as parking occupancies, parking durations, etc.

  • Translation of the cadastre into PDF format or a GIS solution

  • Generation of legible plans from the cadastre for use in practice

  • Evaluation of signalisation in accordance with legal regulations and completeness

  • Analysis of route guidance and discontinuity

  • Planning of new traffic management systems, analysis and simulation of the changes, automatic adoption of the plan during the implementation phase and historisation of the old sign posts

  • Analysis of police signs and their effects on the road network.

  • Indication of speed limit zones, no-parking zones and maximum speeds in the network.

  • Preparation of homologation documents

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