Research: disregard of pedestrian priority

Due to increasing traffic and a presumed inattention of all road users, failing to yield the right of way is inevitabe. If this results in an accident, the consequences are usually severe. Personal injury result both on the part of pedestrians (in the event of a collision with a vehicle) as well as on the part of a vehicle driver (rear-end collision in the case of abrupt stop or collision when avoiding).

This research study is to provide information on the risk of pedestrian accidents by quantifying the fail to yield the right of way including all road users . In practice, these results are useful for a more efficient use of campaign funds (awareness of road users). Also, the clarification of the question of guilt can be better supported.

Basically, the following two questions should be answered:

  • Proportion of failing to yield the right of way on the part of vehicle drivers?

  • Proportion of pedestrians stepping onto a pedestrian crossing directly without checking the traffic situation?


In order to be able to answer the research questions, an automatic control system is used at various pedestrian crossings. The system uses cameras to assess the risk of collision between pedestrians and vehicles. On the basis of the position and speed of the objects, it can be concluded whether there is a failure to yield the right of way or a sudden stepping onto the pedestrian crossing.

The system will be used at various pedestrian crossings in the city of Zurich to obtain information about different traffic situations. In total, about 5 to 10 different locations are planned, which will be selected in consultation with the city. The aim is to cover as many different typologies as possible in terms of environment (urban, rural) and frequent traffic (vehicles, pedestrians).


AXA Winterhur Zurich

Foundation of Prevention



Your contact persons

Sicherheitsauditor RSA, RSI - Dozent - Experte VSS

Daniel Baumann

Sicherheitsauditor RSA

Alain Bützberger

Phone +41 44 200 90 20

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