RSA: Road Safety Audit


Systematic and independent procedure for assessing the safety of the design characteristics of a project during all project phases.

Our services

  • Analysis of project documents

  • Audit of the project (comparison to the standards and as-built state)

  • On request, suggestions of measures for project optimisation

  • Writing of the audit report

Area of application

  • Complete design process of pre-projects

  • Detailed projects

  • Definite projects

  • Implementation projects


  • Detect safety deficits during the design phases of a new construction, expansion, rebuilding or rehabilitation of the road infrastructure

  • Receive indications about safety risks resulting from the project

  • Receive the opportunity to rectify safety deficits early and in an comparatively inexpensive manner

Aim of the audit

Adequate consideration of road safety aspects during the course of the project design phase in order to provide a safe road infrastructure.


  • Comparison project - standards: Evaluating the safety significance of differences

  • Comparison as-built - project: Evaluating the safety significance of changes

  • Assessment of safety deficits with respect to their impact on road safety

  • Writing of the audit report

Relevant documents concerning the project

  • Situation plan

  • Longitudinal profile

  • Cross sections

  • Signalisation and road marking plan

  • Technical report

  • Drainage plan

  • Layout plan

  • etc.

Relevant safety documents

  • Traffic volumes

  • Documentation on traffic flow

  • Road accident investigation documents

  • Safety deficits (e.g. from a RSI)

Source: Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)

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