Video evaluations in no time at all

Automatic data collection is available online from anywhere for everyone. It works with videos from existing IP cameras at their current locations and works instantly on both day/night shots and under different weather conditions. There are no provisioning or adjustment costs!

Perfect traffic visualization offers an impressive visual representation of traffic data with exact object courses, traffic flows and heat maps. Interactive visual filters enable the counting of volumes in multimodal target / source traffic and the generation of complex traffic reports.

No hardware required automatically retrieves traffic data from your camera videos. All traffic data is recorded for multi-purpose analyses. Data from videos of any size are always delivered within 1 HOUR!

  • Traffic counting

    Traffic volume and behavior information is critical to avoid congestion and optimize traffic management. uses artificial intelligence to reduce sensor operating costs and delivers more traffic analysis than any other solution ever has.

  • Multimodal

    Accurate knowledge of pedestrian and cycle routes is a must for designing smarter roads and other urban areas. Analyse traffic light intervals, cycle or pedestrian impacts or pedestrian safety? All this is possible if you have reliable data.

  • Traffic model

    The real traffic behaviour data of are a valuable data basis for traffic modelling and simulation. It helps to evaluate the capacity of existing or planned intersections, to determine the effects of the development and to provide precise analyses and forecasts of traffic patterns.

  • site analysis

    Would you like to expand your branch network to new locations? Curious about the street potential in comparison to the sales performance indicators of the industry? With you can record and analyse the actual data traffic at the selected location as required.

6 reasons why is the right video analysis:

  • Interactive analysis

  • Always accessible

  • Quick results

  • Compliant with data protection

  • Immediate results

  • No hardware required

1 hour processing time

Get traffic information from the video in 3 easy steps:

  • 1. upload video

    Upload any camera images that are to be analyzed by Everything is online - you don't have to buy and deploy any proprietary software or hardware.

  • 2. video is processed automatically

    Complete traffic data from the video is extracted using's AI software, without the need to set conditions beforehand.

  • 3. analyse traffic data

    Define detection zones, create views or filters, and analyze traffic flow using's interactive dashboard, which provides visualizations and real-time results.

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